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Join the DNAi team and discover where curiosity can take you.

Join DNAi, a team of passionate experts in artificial intelligence, who choose projects that offer something extra, where learning new things and connecting seemingly unrelated aspects are required. With a deliberate approach to problem-solving, DNAi thoroughly explores scientific research, reviews the latest technical innovations and their documentation, and investigates how other teams have tried to solve the problem, engaging in extensive discussions. DNAi’s goal is to create an ecosystem based on its own products, with Tekies overseeing the infrastructure and architecture of the entire environment.


Be part of a supportive community of smart and experienced individuals at DNAi.

At DNAi, senior individuals with experience or those with the determination to develop their talents fit best. DNAi seeks curious people, willing to take risks, capable of making quick decisions and navigating in a sometimes chaotic environment full of unknowns. DNAi’s community of smart and experienced people is always willing to help when needed. DNAi works on exciting and challenging projects, which allow its team to progress quickly. Everything depends on the commitment of each individual. The desire to develop and grow is key.


Flourish at DNAi with independence and reliable processes.

DNAi provides everyone with the maximum possible level of autonomy and respects the way that works best for each person. DNAi’s team members are characterized by proactivity, independence, fairness, and humanity. Those who flourish the most at DNAi are people who, despite being part of a team, work independently. They have their own processes, can organize their time, are reliable, and respect team agreements. DNAi considers everyone as an independent and responsible being who can secure everything they currently need, whether it’s equipment, finances, or information necessary to complete tasks.


Empowering growth, balancing life: Join DNAi!

At DNAi, we believe that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. We offer our team members the opportunity to constantly learn and develop their skills through ongoing training, conferences, and other learning opportunities. We also provide a flexible work environment that allows our team members to balance their personal and professional lives while still being fully engaged in their work. Whether it’s taking time off to recharge or working remotely, we support our team in achieving a healthy work-life balance.