Image Recognition



Our strategy is to offer our advanced image analysis technology as an essential tool for optimizing manufacturing processes. By integrating our solution into your data ecosystem, you can detect quality control issues with speed and accuracy, gain valuable insights, and take corrective measures to improve your production line.

Looking to optimize your manufacturing processes with the power of artificial intelligence?

Our state-of-the-art image analysis technology, powered by deep learning, can provide the solutions you need to address even your most challenging quality control issues.

We have created a solution that can detect defects, foreign objects, and missing parts, using a flexible and robust approach that combines the best of human visual inspection with computer processing speed. By integrating this technology into your data ecosystem, you can gain valuable insights into what went wrong, where, and most importantly, why.


Our system is easy to use and consists of a digital camera, user interface, PLC controller, and control module. With this setup, you can quickly and accurately inspect each product instead of a few selected samples, checking hundreds of areas of interest within seconds. You’ll also reduce human error rates and improve traceability, with the possibility of continuous improvement through the data obtained during deployment.

Image acquisition device

User interface

PLC controller

Control module

Solutions we are offering

Increased inspection speed

You can inspect each product instead of a few selected samples, resulting in a higher percentage of inspected products.

Quick and accurate inspection

Our system checks hundreds of areas of interest on a single product within seconds.

Multiple stages of production

These checks can be performed at multiple stages of the production process.

Reduced human error rates

Eliminating human factors such as fatigue, inattention, and subjectivity can help reduce error rates.

Consistent level of inspection

Our solution provides consistent inspection levels across all lines, during all shifts, 24/7.

Minimized need for human intervention

With our system, you can minimize the need for human intervention while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Detection of miniature defects

Our system can detect miniature defects that are imperceptible to the human eye.

Automatically generated statistics

Our system generates statistics, such as frequent locations of defects on a particular component, automatically.

Improved traceability and corrective measures

Our system offers easier traceability of when and under what circumstances defects occur, allowing for the implementation of corrective measures. Plus, the data obtained during deployment enables continuous improvement of results.

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